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Health & Safety

Children need to explore in order to learn about the world around them but, sadly, every year about 600,000 children under five end up in hospital because of an accident in the home so health & safety is of paramount importance.

The safer you make your home the less likely it is that their exploration will land them in trouble.

Health & Safety out of the home

Outside your home it’s not so easy to make sure everything is as safe as it can be, but when it comes to car safety you really can make a huge difference particularly when you understand the law.

Having three children of my own and facing continual battles in the morning with car seats, bribing children to sit in them and ranting at my husband for having held them prisoner in his car overnight (the seats not the children) and the huge inconvenience in swopping them over! I thought it would be a useful exercise to revisit the law and how best to protect your children.

New Law on Child Car Seats

The report reads:

‘According to Brigadier Gaith Hassan Al Za’abi, Director-General for Traffic Coordination, the Ministry of Interior have made car seats for children mandatory as part of its 2010 strategy plan to help reduce road traffic injuries and mortality rates.

According to the Health Authority Abu Dhabi (HAAD), road traffic injuries are the leading cause of death among children in the UAE, affecting up to 63 per cent of children between the ages of 0 to 14, which is higher than the global percentage of 22.3 per cent.

About 98 per cent of child passengers are not properly strapped in the UAE; 28 per cent of children sit in the front seats despite this being prohibited by the interior ministry, and 96 per cent of children are not seated well, according to HAAD statistics’.

Front Seat Rear Seat
Child Under 1 years Rear facing Child car seat Rear facing Child car seat
Child aged 6 – 9 months or weighing under 10kg Rear facing Child car seat Rear facing Child car seat
Child aged 9months to 4 years or weighing 9kg – 18kg Forward facing child car seat Forward facing child car seat

The new law will be as follows:

It is the driver’s responsibility to ensure that the correct restraint is being used for children under 11 years of age or 36kg or 135cm in height. Children over 11 years and 36kg are allowed to use an adult seat belt as a restraint.

The law clearly states the age or weight of your child and how they need to be securely seated in cars. This law stops the use of adult seat belts as the belt sits too high up on a small child and there is a risk of internal injury and slipping out of the belt if there is an accident or an impact.

Protect and teach

Kids Academy continually endeavour to keep you up to date on childhood health issues and regularly send parent letter out to keep you in the loop eg Vitamin D deficiencies, changes to Calpol doses etc. We will use our Twitter facility and social media to keep you current and relevant at all times.


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