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Staff Training

At Kids Academy nurseries, Staff training is vitally important having won a number of training and development awards to maintain a high quality of childcare education. Upon gaining employment within our day nurseries and preschools, staff are placed on an a 3 year training programme. We see it as our duty to ensure that all staff are highly trained to provide childcare to parents who place their trust in us to educate their children.

To enforce this, staff complete in depth appraisals covering all nursery policies and Ofsted standards. From these, individual training programmes are devised which are monitored and reviewed monthly. An individual training matrix tracks all the courses they have attended or need to attend.

Regular in-house training sessions are completed through our monthly staff meetings as we promote a positive learning culture throughout the group.

We access many courses through the Sure Start partnership, with which we ensure staff are fully trained in child protection, first aid, birth to three matters and the foundation stage curriculum.

Our day nurseries and preschools are closely linked to the local colleges, with which staff are supported in their training courses, assisting tutors with observations and assessments.

Kids Academy Childcare in United Arab Emirates is fully committed to providing career opportunities for our staff. We offer full support with many different types of training and always look to provide further career opportunities within the group. All senior positions are promoted from within the group.

Commitment to staff training

As a company we are highly committed towards staff training, development and progression for all of our employees as we truly want each and every staff member to reach their fullest potential within their role, careers and aspirations.

By supporting our staff in attaining this we naturally create a high morale and exceptional team work which is something that we pride ourselves upon.

This commitment to training has been echoed and proved through the many members of our team who have managed to successfully progress within our company’s clear and concise career ladder and through hard work and support have progressed from Childcare Practitioner right through to Nursery Manager.

These results are achieved through a thorough in house training and development system which is tailored to each staff members role and provides each individual with clear steps on how to continue working to the best of their abilities as they continue to seek to improve upon their existing skill set and knowledge.

Staff Development

In order to ensure that we achieve our goal in providing outstanding childcare we ensure that our team are also very clear of this and daily work alongside us accomplishing our aim.

Through the support and training that we daily offer to our team in return we have a highly committed and motivated workforce who work alongside the high standards that are set and maintain these daily.

Our staff development is not only achieved through internal training systems and programmes but also via an indepth Job Offer Pack that is customized for their role and consists of alongside other documents a clear roles and responsibilities sheet that enables them from the very beginning to be clear regarding what their role entails. Due to the clarity that is attained from the beginning of each individuals employment our team can work alongside these set roles and responsibilities and implement these duties as part of their daily roles which in turn leads to a highly skilled individual.

As we ensure that every team member is provided with the best tools and knowledge to do their jobs well, alongside providing an idyllic work environment that too supports and assists them with operational procedures and systems we rest assured that our team are well supported, capable and very confident within their roles.

In Kids Academy good practice starts at the top and is cascaded down through effective role modelling and supporting one another and by giving everyone a voice and ensuring that every staff member is listened we can constantly advance and make improvements and continue to thrive in making Kids Academy a huge success.

Staff Performance

In Kids Academy we have a 12 stage training programme that each new employee embarks upon and from the instant a new contract is given, a new training journey begins.

We have numerous performance measures at Kids Academy in where we take on many roles to enable us to get a clear picture of each member of our team. We assist and support our team in many ways such as:

  • Observing
  • Assessing
  • Mentoring
  • Listening
  • Training, to name but a few.

From these forms of training we can then tailor and guide each staff member down the correct path before evaluating this annually during each staff members appraisal. From this appraisal we can then attain a view of our team and commence with the next years training and begin our training cycle again.

  • Ofsted Outstanding Award
  • Positive About Disabled People
  • Apprentice of the year
  • Work Safe Award
  • The Royal Society for the Provention of Accidents
  • Investors in People
  • Warrington Business Awards
  • Food Hygiene Rated 5 out of 5 - Scores On The Doors
  • ISO 9001 - Quality Management
  • ISO 14001 - Environmental Management
  • ISO 18001 - Health and Safety
  • ISO 27001 - Information Security
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