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Child Development Records

As part of our active key worker system the childcare staff carry out monthly observations on the children monitoring the child development and linking in with the Birth to three matters framework and the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Curriculum alongside three monthly developmental charts.

Development Charts

The developmental charts coincide with the developmental norms enabling the children’s development to be thoroughly monitored and recorded and then fed back to the parents during our six monthly parent’s evenings. These are logged and kept within your child’s personal file that follows them throughout their transition from room to room.

Child Development Learning Journey

The charts allow us to monitor the progress your child makes covering their physical, mathematical, language and communication, social and emotional development as well as monitoring the progress that they make with their feeding and toileting skills. Additionally we also record the progress made with your child’s hand eye co-ordination and fine motor skills.

The staff record this and then monthly alongside their observations plan activities for your child to engage and participate in to allow these to be met through play.

Parents Evenings

Kids Academy Childcare in United Arab Emirates hold preschool parent’s evenings on a six monthly basis and are held separately to the Birth to three development evenings.

Prior to the preschool parent’s evening, parents will arrange a 10 minute appointment with their child’s key worker. The parent’s evenings ensure that parents receive 2 individual appointments prior to the child starting school.

School Reports

In addition to this, school reports are written twice yearly, with copies put into their developmental files. Upon writing the last report before the child leaves to attend school, with parents permission, reports are sent on to their new reception teacher, outlining achievement areas and the stepping stone level they are working at.

This has been a popular addition and one that has been welcomed by reception teachers.

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  • Positive About Disabled People
  • Apprentice of the year
  • Work Safe Award
  • The Royal Society for the Provention of Accidents
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  • Warrington Business Awards
  • Food Hygiene Rated 5 out of 5 - Scores On The Doors
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  • ISO 27001 - Information Security
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